What is Kimono?

Kimono is Japan’s traditional costume.
Until mid-19th century, both men and women wore Kimono on a daily basis.In the modern-day Japan,
it is less common to regularly wear Kimono, and it is worn on special occasions
such as on the Coming of Age Day, at a wedding ceremony, and such.

All Kimono, more or less, share the same figure, and it is worn by arranging it to fit your figure
and tying the Obi around your waist.
The steps of wearing a Kimono is known as ‘Kitsuke’, and classes are held all around Japan to learn
how to wear a Kimono with more elegance.

There are many types of Kimono depending on its design, fabric, and patterns.
Also, every sort of Kimono is given a rank, and people wear different kinds depending on the occasion.

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