About the Wakana Brand

Wakana is a Japanese fabric brand whose designs are inspired by kimonos. Kimono is not only a beautiful costume, steeped in cultural history, it also holds various meanings, boldly reflecting the unique culture of Japan. Traditionally, the Japanese choose the pattern of their kimonos, according to the season they are in and at events, every kimono worn tells a story.

WAKANA’s Robe are made-in-Japan

Kimono is not just beautifully designed,It's purpose is to embody nature and life's hopes and tales,  upon the wearer. It has the power to enrich your mind by wearing it. At WAKANA, we strive to weave in meaning to each piece of  fabric, inspired by the expressions of kimono, using seasonal nature as motifs.WAKANA’s fabrics are made-in-Japan. Our products are designed with immense detail and thought to every process, from original sketching to printing, utilizing the highest standards available in Japanese technology.

The Founders

Owner of Wakana Textiles. Our brand is inspired by the culture, history and tradition of the Kimono. We have offices in Tokyo and London.While at university in Kyoto, I studied the history, culture and wearing of the kimono. In 2005, I gained my Kimono dressing license, an instructor qualification that teaches the very difficult task of how to wear the garment itself. While learning kimono as a hobby, I also built my career in advertising and web production, before establishing Wakana, Inc in 2017. Our company promotes internationally the significance and beauty of the kimono, in various designs and also promotes Japanese exhibitions globally.