About Second-Hand Kimonos

As there are second-hand clothes, there are kimonos for reuse too.

Amongst second-hand products, old kimono, called antique or vintage, are characteristic of retro designs
that are rare in the present days.

In particular, kimono designs influenced by ‘romanticism’ which was dominant in Europe in the 19th century,
and created through a complex fusion of Japanese and Western aesthetics are highly popular.

Moreover, high-end kimonos which were a once-in-a-lifetime purchase back then, can be bought at a reasonable price.

In Europe, kimonos are enjoyed in various ways, such as being worn on top of a normal outfit as a fashion,
and being displayed as an interior decoration, art, and so on.

Cleaning – Sold after Sterilisation and Deodorisation
At our online site, every second-hand kimono is cleaned before being sold.
The hygiene of our kimono is strictly taken care of,
having gone through sterilisation and deodorisation, so please feel safe wearing them.

Cautions upon Ordering
The conditions of our kimonos are provided, but please only purchase if you understand that our products are second-hand,
as there are cases which are unique to second-hand kimonos where kimonos are damaged or stained due to ageing.

As for size, please allow for a slight inaccuracy as it is measured by hand, and the fabric may stretch or shrink by nature.